Somesuch Stories is an annual print magazine packed with original insight into contemporary experiences of culture, nature, sex, spirituality, identity, and society. 

It exists to champion unique voices; engender curiosity; enhance our understanding of our fellow humans – and to entertain, of course. 

Our fourth issue is on sale in the UK/EU via Antenne Books.

Stockists include: Apropos Provisional (Perth, NSW, Australia), ArtWords Bookshops, Athenaeum Boekhandel (Amsterdam), Burley Fisher Books, Charlotte Street News, Foyles, La Biblioteka (Sheffield), The London Review Bookshop, MagCulture, Monocle Kioskafe, Pages of Hackney, Rare Mags, Shreeji Newsagents, The Store (Berlin), Tender Books, Ti Pi Tin.

In the USA, Somesuch Stories is available at Barnes & Noble stores nationwide, as distributed by TNG.

Single issue purchases and print subscriptions are also available via Newsstand.

Somesuch Stories is the publishing platform of Somesuch, an award-winning, London and Los Angeles-based production company that makes films, documentaries, commercials, music videos and entertainment.

Submissions: we are currently closed to submissions, but if you'd like to contribute in future, please send a writing sample to